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The sZone is an online resource for the sZone-online game published by CTS Games. It was founded and will be maintained by players of the game, who have no formal relationship with CTS Games. The copyright for all media resources on this wiki remains with their respective owners.


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sZone-Online is an MMO with elements of both RPG and TPS. The background of the game is loosely based on the Russian science fiction novel Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

The game is situated in The Zone, an area of the world (apparently composed of several central and eastern european regions) where civilization as we know it, has ended. Towns and industrial complexes are abandoned and lay in ruins; deadly anomalies - small areas where the laws of nature seem lethally twisted - spawn valuable artefacts - objects that also defy scientific orthodoxy - while vicious mutants roam the countryside and the abandoned man-made structures. In addition to this, characters can shoot at anything aroun them, including other characters.

Currently, the development of the game is somewhere between alpha and beta stage. Some areas have well-developed content while others seem largely empty, except for a few randomly roaming mutants. The same applies to in-game information: some objects have accurate descriptionns while others lack these.

Other useful resources

The following web sites are worth paying a visit - and probably more than one: [outdated]

Excellent site in English and Polish with lots of info. It also contains good descriptions of how to do the quests in the beginning area. Unfortunately it seems the site is no longer updated.

The sZone-Online Database[outdated]

Excellent data base web site containing sortable and filterable content providing the user a quick reference into all kinds of sZone-Online data. Building the data base is an on-going proces and the maintainer will be happy with your verifications and additions!

Japanese sZone-Online resource page

A lot of content, all of it in Japanese, and several links to tutorials in English that would be useful if they weren't broken (apparently this site is also no longer maintained). The links will still work if the part '' is changed into ''.

German sZone-Online Wiki[better wiki than in english]

Not connected to this project, this wiki also seems to be a work in progress. We wish the team working on it good luck and look forward to cooperate with them.

Polish sZone Forum [outdated]

Unofficial community for Polish player sZone and Survarium. Lots news with great community :)

Lubech Train Station, front view

Featured Article: Lubech Train Station

Lubech Train Station is the first safe zone new characters will discover.

In fact every new character will spawn at the backside of the Station. In earlier versions of the game, there used to be a tutorial starting area , which led the new character to reach Lubech Train Station through a short quest line, but this tutorial area has been removed and new characters now start here directly.

Lubech Train Station harbours several traders, an apothecary, a bar and a storage vault (run by the Military). In addition, various quest givers are located in and around the station.